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Welcome to the world of privacy at PlayAUD Casino.

1. Registration at PlayAUD Casino: Your Personal Data.

When you become a part of our casino, we are in a great position to create a unique gaming experience for you. This is how we handle your personal information:

- 1.1. Collected data:

We collect basic information such as your name, email address, date of birth and contact details. This data is necessary to manage your account and provide a personalized experience.

Privacy Policy PlayAUD Casino: Your Guide to Data Protection

- 1.2. Technical information:

We also analyze the technical side of your devices, including IP address, browser type and operating system, to ensure optimal operation of the platform.

2. Account Management and Security

We value your trust, so we ensure maximum security and management of your account:

- 2.1. Transaction Processing:

Your data is used to manage transactions and provide access to various games of our casino.

- 2.2. Protection against Unauthorized Access:

We use standard encryption and regular security protocol checks to ensure the protection of your data.

3. Privacy and Advertising.

We strive for transparency and provide control to you:

- 3.1. Confidentiality Of Data:

Your data will not be sold to third parties, but we may share it with trusted partners to provide our services.

- 3.2. Opt-out of Advertising Messages:

If you want to manage advertising messages, just configure your preferences in your account settings.

4. Updates and Data Security.

We do not stand still, and our policies are updated to protect you:

- 4.1. Access to Personal Information:

You can access your personal information at any time and update it through your account settings.

- 4.2. Privacy Policy Update:

We regularly update our privacy policy, so we recommend that you review it periodically to be aware of any changes.

5. Important To Us: Age Restrictions

Our platform is designed for adults, and we attach great importance to the observance of age restrictions:

- 5.1. Data of Minors:

We do not knowingly collect data from minors in an effort to support responsible gambling entertainment.

Welcome to the world of exciting games at PlayAUD Casino, where your safety and privacy are our priority!

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