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Graham Retires after years of service to NENA CC.

Today saw NENA Country Champs trainer Graham Heneker officially retire from his volunteer role after many, many years. Graham has been the official trainer every June long weekend providing strapping, ice, massages and first aid to hundreds of netballers. Every year he would be the first to get to the netball stadium by 7am each day to set up his table and gear and make sure he was ready for the players and the last to leave. If he wasn’t busy he would then walk around and check out all the teams to see how they were going. Once he got back to the accomodation he would provide the players with recovery and ice. He was the one who introduced the ‘sea swim’ each evening to help the girls recover and be ready to go the next day. No job was ever too hard for him and once he had finished his trainer role he would turn into head cook on the BBQ. His commitment and dedication to this role for so many years is something that NENA is very appreciative of and would like to say a huge thank you to him for such a wonderful job! Well done Graham and Country Champs won’t be the same. 💚💛💚💛


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