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13U & 11U Country Champs Report 2022

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Photos courtesy of The Plains Producer

13 & Under Report

The team for 2022 was Lexi Edmonds, Emma Slattery (Vice Captain), Isabelle Wilson (SC), Lara Meyer (BSR), Charlie Ross (Captain), Sophie Stockman, Bridie Mitchell, Chloe Ackland (MM), Anna Schuppan, Emmylou Cooper (BBH), Leni Geister (E/R). Coach Bron Ross (MM), Team Manager Karen Slattery (SC)

V’s Mid Hills

Mid Hills were quick out of the starting blocks, applying defensive pressure all over the court. They had three turn overs before we were able to get our hands on the ball. Our NENA girls were definitely feeling nervous and took a little time to settle. Once we settled ourselves, we saw some nice passages of play. We created some turn overs of our own but were not able to fully capitalize on them. Mid Hills continued to show strength all over the court and with their GA being extremely accurate they took a win 13-31.

V's Barossa Light & Gawler

A tightly contested game for both sides. Lara Meyer was fantastic at Centre, applying great defensive pressure and creating turn overs which our goalies Chloe Ackland and Charlie Ross were able to capitalize on. A change at half time saw BL&G score a couple of quick goals in succession but great defensive work by Lexi Edmonds at GK saw NENA able to regain control to take the win 29-18.

V’s Hills

First half was a great contest between the two teams with NENA being down by only 3 goals. The second half was a different story. Hills defense throughout the mid court really stepped up creating a huge amount of pressure for us and our mid court were unable to adjust. We were continuously second to the ball which caused turn overs and they were able to overrun us. NENA lost 14-25.

V’s PT Augusta

Anna Schuppan at GA created the first two turn overs of the game for us and we were able to score from them. Great team play down the court saw NENA take the early lead 12-6 in the first half. Accurate shooting and great goalie movement in the circle allowed NENA to capitalize on the great defensive work of Emmy Lou Cooper and Lexi Edmonds to take the win 26-11.

V’s Kangaroo Island

Great defensive game by NENA keeping KI scoreless for the first half. Great hands all the way down the court by Charlie Ross in the first half saw her be rewarded with 8 intercepts and then being able to score the goal as well. With a 24-0 lead we were able to make changes around the court, this gave the girls the opportunity to show their versatility. They did not disappoint. Izzy Wilson went into goals for the first time for the weekend and did a wonderful job. Chloe Ackland moved from goals to defense and was superb. Sophie Stockman was great at WD which made it difficult for opponent to get the ball. A great game by all NENA winning 42-3.



A shaky start to the morning with KNT having the first two turn overs. The girls settled and started to apply some pressure of their own. Charlie’s hands over the ball saw her tipping numerous balls which allowed our very quick and energetic WA, Leni Geister to swoop on the ball. NENA was in a comfortable position at half time 16-10. In the second half Emma Slattery tightened her defense and was brilliant against a much taller GS. She was rewarded with numerous turn overs. Lara Meyer and Leni Geister were amazing throughout the mid court and delivered our hard earned turn overs to our goalies who shot accurately. NENA took the win 31-16.

V's Great Southern

A very physical game from Great Southern saw NENA girls under pressure. To their credit the stood up and played a well forte game. Great Southern were sitting 2nd on the ladder and we were 5th so we knew we were going to have to dig deep. Emma Slattery was phenomenal all game against Great Southern’s GS, which was the match up of the game for me. With great pressure all over the court NENA was ahead at half time 9-5. The second half saw things get a little messy and a very unlucky umpire call saw the ball turn over in the last 30 seconds of the game which allowed Great Southern to score and draw the game. A fantastic game by all.

V's Western Border

Another top 4 team. Western Borders pressure from the first ball was unsettling for some of the girls. We found ourselves unable to adjust to their pressure and therefore made lots of unforced errors. Over crowding around the ball saw Western Border able to create turn overs. Western Border’s GK read the play wonderfully, consistently intercepting balls when our mid court were driving into our goal third. Although our game wasn’t pretty, we were only down by 5 at half time, 7-12. Some changes at half time saw our game become a little more settled. There were some great passages of play throughout the game but we were just not consistent enough. Another well forte game by all the NENA girls going down 16-24.

V's Western Eyre

A fantastic game by NENA, starting strong with great court coverage. Our goalies Anna and Chloe combined well and shot accurately. Our mid court, Leni, Izzy, Lara and Sophie were fierce at the ball with great defensive pressure creating turn over after turn over. The great pressure from our mid court made it easier for our circle defense. Lexi and Emmylou were able to use the pressure on the ball to intercept WENA’s pressured passes and then drive the ball out of defense easily. WENA contested hard but our girls played a great team game, coming away with a 34-3 win.

V's Great Flinders

A bit of a scrappy game. You could see our girls were starting to become a little fatigued. After playing 9 games this was to be expected. But to their credit they continued to play some good netball with some great transitions from a defensive turn over all the way down the court. Great flinders also had some good passages of play but our girls continued to apply defensive pressure which created opportunities for our attack end to score. A great team game to end the day with a 25-7 win.


V’s Yorke Peninsula

A flying start to Yorke Peninsula with 3 quick turn overs in a row. Our girls started to settle but YP continued to be aggressive and we struggled to make good decisions with the ball. YP goalies were impressive first up but as our defensive pressure started to increase, YP started to feel a little pressure of their own. Half time score was 5-10. The second half saw a little more contest from NENA but YP were still aggressive and capitalized on their ball. YP were 1st on the ladder and NENA were 4th so it was always going to be a battle but to everyone’s credit they forte hard and should be proud of their efforts. NENA lost 10-19

11U Report

The team for 2022 was Elise Wilson, Jordy McCarthy, Sophia Liebelt-Seymon (SC), Asha Longbottom (BSR), Marissa Ross (Captain), Amelia Duncan, Alice Millington (MM), Bridget Williams (E/R), Edwina Callary, Sophie Meaney, Zoe Lynch (NC). Coach Emma Meaney (NC), Team Manager Claire Longbottom (BSR)

NENA V Kangaroo Island WIN 15-14

NENA started well, scoring with accurate shooting, with controlled leads and passing down the court with great passages of play. They managed to have a good couple of goals lead going into the second half. This was lucky as KI came out strong at the first whistle, causing turnovers and shooting off our mistakes. NENA managed to find their steady game again, rebound well and held their leads which helped them hold onto the first win for the day by 1.

NENA V Pt Augusta LOSS 18-7

A great start for NENA, moving well and passing down the court with good structure. Girls stood tall and shot well. Strong defense was key to holding the lead by 1 at half time. Pt Augusta came out strong, shooting well from the turnovers and making great intercepts. NENA kept up with their enthusiasm and didn’t give up, keeping strong leads down the court into the ring. However, they couldn’t hold onto their lead and went down.

NENA V River Murray WIN 22-19

A very hard fought and contested game with both teams playing great netball. NENA made some great intercepts through the court and capitalized on the turnovers, finishing with great goals. The structured movement down the court from the NENA girls was great to see, and they utilized the ball well. Some great rebounds at both ends of the court helped NENA come through with a nice win against a strong team who fought hard for the ball at all contests.

NENA v Great Southern LOSS 18-12

A low scoring first half, fighting hard all down the court. Great southern were very strong, using their height and strength in both ends of the court. NENA kept their heads up and held them to only a 5 goal lead at half time. NENA Came out in the second half finding their space and moving the ball down the court really well. Holding leads and creating space, and finishing off with great goals and rebounds, but not able to take a win against Great Southern.

NENA V Hills LOSS 21-20

What an exhilarating game to watch! They really turned it on for the inside court match with a very supportive NENA crowd. NENA really made the court their own in the goal ring with fantastic shooting by all goalies from great range. The movement with strong leads and hard contests down the court was fantastic to watch by both teams with excellent netball being played. All girls played a great game to finish off the big day of netball. NENA just needed another minute to get the chance to score again to at least get a draw as both teams were playing great netball in all areas of the court. Sadly they lost by 1 goal but all won in spirit!

Well done to NENA U11’s. Well done to Emma for coaching a great side, making it easy for the team manager Claire to look after. Huge thankyou to Mel Lynch for scoring for the girls. A big thanks to all the mums who brought treats, oranges, muffins and lamingtons for the girls to keep energized and fueled up. What a pity poor Bridget fell ill Saturday morning and couldn’t make it for the day, however Tania was still a champion and brought a great trolley for the team to carry everything around. Well done to Sophia for stepping up and playing for Bridget. All the girls were so well behaved and mannered. The whole day they were showing great team work, wonderful sportsmanship and composure. All were very exhausted (including adults) from a wonderful day. Thanks to NENA officials who put on a great day for the U11’s, they made some great friendship and fun memories they won’t forget.


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