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Grand Final Match Reports

10th September, 2022

Hosted by MinMan at Mintaro


Result: BSR 40 v RSMU 27

RSMU came out unsettled in the first ten minutes and BSR made the most of this opportunity creating three inspirational turnovers taken by Coach Bec Moyne, Captain Sophie Ashby and BOC Anna-Grace Close, up by five at quarter time. Second quarter BSR came out even more pumped forging away by eight goals. Amelia Duffy and Paige Rowett were exciting to watch, Amelia taking three turnovers while Paige rarely missed with smooth calculated leads into the goal ring. However the hawks struggled to convert in their attack line with great mid court pressure from BSR throughout the whole game. Up the other end Tigers Emily Ashby and Taryn Kelly were composed and shot solidly all game creating an 11 goal lead in the third quarter. Athletic Abby Griffiths came into goals lifting the Hawks temporarily and providing more drive in the attack line, but Emma Young’s defensive pressure made it difficult for RSMU to feed in. The Hawks have had a mighty season never gave in but just struggled to match BSR’s fast pace, skill, and determination on the day.


Result: MinMan 52 v BSR 43

MinMan lead throughout the game increasing the lead at each break. BSR had their chances, but MinMan were consistent where BSR were erratic at times. Both teams had to adjust to umpires from outside our association. At the end of the third quarter MinMan had an 11 goal lead. BSR had multiple position changes in the fourth quarter and chased MinMan to get within four goals. MinMans height and accuracy in the goal ring led them to the premiership.


Result: North Clare 49 v Blyth Snowtown 43

An intense first quarter with North settling their nerves quickly. Excellent defensive pressure by Dani Panoho (C) and Ella Smith (WD), putting pressure on the defensive end with Renee Scott (GA) and Jess Lloyd (GS) capitalising well to take the lead into the first break. The momentum swing late in the first half saw Blyth Snowtown come back to narrow the half time score 27 – 23. The second half was equally intense with some excellent defensive pressure from both sides. North held on strong, fighting all the way to the finish with an excellent team effort to bring home the flag for the Roosters. Final score 49-43. Well done to Ella Smith for winning best on court 😊


Result: North Clare 51 v Blyth Snowtown 46

A tight contest for the entire game by the top two teams going into the finals.

North’s combination of youth and experience saw them have strong second and fourth quarters. Blyth fought hard to the end but North held on for the win.


Result: Min Man 55 v North Clare 22

An even start with Min Mans GS Laura Willmott and North Clare’s GA Marie Mullighan both shooting accurately andtight defenced by North’s Tegan Maher and Kelsie Macdonald. Min Man settled well in the second quarter with great drive through the centre to extend their lead to 14 at half-time. Min Man’s Rachel Oehme drove well down the court giving their team strength in the centre. North’s Morgan Earle pushed through the centre feeding the ball well into their goalies. North Clare started the third quarter confidently to close the gap but Min Man defenders Chelsea Couch and Annabel Sandow kept the pressure on in the circle and pulled in the rebounds. North Clare continued to fight to the end, but Min Man proved too strong to finish the season undefeated


Result: BBH 38 v RSMU 55

As expected, the first quarter was a fast even affair. BBH goal attack Lauren Donhart was on fire, but Georgia Eggart for RSMU was just as deadly. The strength of the RSMU mid court started to show in the second quarter, with Amanda Vandeleur constantly turning balls over despite the best efforts of tall BBH wing defence Rylee Hodson. As the game continued RSMU defenders Imogen Swanson and Emily Heathfield slowly wore down Donhart and Rebecca Klem, and the RSMU feed into the goal circle was a pleasure to watch. RSMU finished the game full of running and were too good for the minor premiers, capping off a great year for a team that hasn’t seen finals for a long time.


Result: RSMU 53 v Min Man 49

A very tight first quarter with lots of nerves present from both teams who played their way int the final playing strong and steady team netball. RSMU through Indi Kimlin in centre moved the ball cleanly into their attacking circle where RSMU goalies Mia Parkinson and Maddi Prizabilla shot accurately to be up by two. Min Man’s tall timber Indi Mitchell and Charlie Ross made it hard for the Hawks defenders and equally hit the scoreboard with great passing and accurate shooting. The second was a tight contest with Min Man settling early with great play down the court. Min Man brought Isabelle Masterman on to WA in the second quarter while RSMU swung Leighla Brown into GD in an effort to combat Min Man’s height. Min Man lost concentration in the third quarter and RSMU took advantage of that and put their foot down. Mistakes by Min Man cost them, and the score was 12 goals difference going into the final quarter with RSMU taking the lead. Changes by Min Man at three quarter time saw Charlie Ross moved to defence and Hannah Niell into goals and they came out firing. With accurate shooting by the Min Man goalies and tight defence down court saw the Eagles lift and take control of the game. Unfortunately for Min Man they time ran out of time and RSMU composed themselves to take the win by four goals.


Result: South Clare 27 v Eudunda Robertstown 16

From the first whistle, both teams came out firing bringing an even contest to the game with South leading by two at quarter time. In the second quarter, nerves began to settle for Saints bringing them into the game with accurate shooting from Charlotte Nietschke and Zoe Neal and strong defence from Jaz Williams and Demi Mosey making it even at half time causing South to make changes. The third quarter was South’s premiership quarter seeing them take control of the game. South’s Emma Slattery provided many turnovers for goalies Tatum Giles and Bianca Muir. Isabelle Wilson and Leni Geister continued to battle it out in the midcourt working hard for their respective teams. Saints made changes however South were able to shut down their attack end and push the margin out to take a convincing 11 goal win to be undefeated premiers.


Min Man 30 v South Clare 7

It was a fiery start to the game with Min Man’s mid court of Amelia Duncan and Alice Millington intercepting well, to help secure a lead of seven goals in the first quarter. With consistent turnovers by both teams in the second quarter, Maddison Wehr and Tiarna Wastell fought hard to keep Min Man shooters Macy Ackland and Marissa Ross back, but to no avail. With position changes for South Clare in the third, Isla Manhood moved to defence to try and hold Min Man to account but Chloe Ackland in defence made it difficult for South Clare to score. Despite South Clare’s Isabel Quinton’s consistent performance in the fourth quarter and her team’s best efforts, Min Man was again too strong winning the Grand final 30/7. Great job to all!


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