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NENA Country Champs Teams Announced

Congratulations to the following girls who have been selected to represent NENA at Country Championships on the June Long Weekend. Thank You to the many volunteers who have helped with selections games and to our Country Champs coordinators Rachel Schoenberg and Laura Ross. Its sure to be a great weekend of netball for all.

U11 NENA Representatives

Edwina Callary North

​Zoe Lynch North

​Sophie Meaney North

​Bridget Williams Eud/Rob

​Amelia Duncan MM

​Marissa Ross MM

​Alice Millington MM

​Elise Wilson South

​Jordy McCarthy South

​Asha Longbottom BSR

​Coach: Emma Meaney North

​Team Manager: Claire Longbottom BSR

U13 NENA Representatives

Leni Geister Edu/Rob

Anna Schuppan BBH

​Chloe Ackland MM

Sophie Stockman MM

Bridie Mitchell MM

Charlie Ross MM

Lara Meyer BSR

​Isabelle Wilson South

​Emma Slattery South

Lexi Edmonds South

Coach: Bron Ross MM

Team Manager: Peggy Mitchell MM

​U15 NENA Representatives

Mia Parkinson RSMU

​Lainey Mullighan North

​Keely Pearce North

​Zoe Pawelski North

​Poppy Wilson South

​Matilda O'Brien Eud/Rob

​Addy Ackland MM

Annabelle Smith MM

​​Emmerson Schoenberg MM

​Lucy Nicholls MM

Coach: Rachel Pearce North

Team Manager: Vanessa O’Brien Eud/Rob

U17 NENA Representatives

Krystal Rains BSR

​Amelia Lalic South

​Ellie Johnson South

​Jade Chapman South

Ella Smith North

Abbie Brereton North

​Olivia Hadley MM

​Gabbi Scobie MM

​Halle Smith MM

​Leah Edmunds B/S

Coach: Ingrid Smith North

Team Manager: Terry Edmonds B/S

A Grade NENA Representatives

Robyn Coles North

Katie Woodrow South

Katie Liebelt South

​Amelia Squires BBH

​Taylah Wurfel South

​Makenzie Schoenberg MM

​Molly Ross MM

​​Gracie Ross MM

​Kasey Bigg B/S

Coach: Katie Leibelt South

Team Manager: Kathy Woodrow South


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