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NENA Inaugural Indigenous Round

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Along with NEFL, NENA marked the beginning of NADIOC week with its first Indigenous Round. This round gave the association the opportunity to recognise, acknowledge and celebrate it’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders members and their contribution to sport in our community, aiming to gain greater understanding of our First Nations rich history and culture.

Ceremonies across the four grounds all residing on Ngadjuri Country celebrated with a mixture of new bibs designs, Acknowledgements and Welcomes to Country, Aboriginal artwork netballs, red, black and yellow hair ribbons, displaying of the Aboriginal and ochre painting.

Thank you to the clubs for supplying photos

MinMan‘s new bibs were designed by Mel Agius from Ngadjuri Arts.

The artwork for the bibs:

Water sustains life. Water brings people, families & communities together. It's presence is pure, it allows growth & healing.

In this story I have used the water story using 8 water holes & creek lines to symbolise the coming together of the 8 clubs on Ngadjuri Country. The eagle is significant to Ngadjuri people & our Dreamtime stories.

My hope is that one day both Ngadjuri & the wider community can grow together.

NENA Acknowledgment of Country


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