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Preliminary Final Previews

Saturday 3rd September, 2022


Match Between RSMU v Min Man

Finals are heating up and this Prelim showcasing rivalries RSMU and Min Man is sure to be a quality close match as it is always a tough contest between these two sides. It will be a fast paced and physical game with both teams fighting to the end. The first time the teams met in the season a draw was the result and in the second game Min Man took the win convincingly with RSMU notably missing both key forwards. Hawks strong goal ring with the height and agility of Sophie Griffiths and accurate Paige Rowett, will be challenged by the Eagles high pressure defence line Gracie Ross and Jana Dixon bringing lots of intensity to the game. Min Mans mid court are a strong force with plenty of drive from Leah Carling. RSMU will need to bring their A game to break through this to give themselves opportunities, with dominant Hawks mid courter Abby Griffiths one to watch.

Both sides match up well on court providing what should be a high pressure and strong contested game down to the final whistle.

MinMan by 3


Match Between Eudunda Robertstown v BSR

This game is set to be a close match, with BSR heading in with confidence after a good win against RSMU. Saints will come in with extra fire in their belly after only narrowly losing to Min Man. Saints and BSR’s first encounter resulted in a one goal win for Saints after a determined come back in the third quarter by the Tigers, showing their ability to perform under pressure. In the second round, BSR snatched a win by three goals utilising their player versatility and experience to challenge Saints dominant players. In the Prelim, BSR will need to maintain their full court defensive pressure for four quarters with a calm settled attack line. Courtney Moller and Eliza Kitschke will need to be on their toes to beat the accurate shooting from Molly Bruhn. Sarah Jaeschke and Jessica Ashby will be good to watch as both are key players for respective sides in the mid court. Matchup of the game is likely to be Mem Dunstan in Goal Defence, against Lucy Meyer in Goal Attack. BSR have really hit their straps in the final games, it will certainly be a competitive game with the win going to the team who can capitalise and convert their goals.

BSR by 5


Match Between Blyth Snowtown v RSMU

The B1 preliminary final is set to be a close contest. These two teams have only been separated by five goals across both games this season and this game will no doubt be any different. Blyth Snowtown will be keen to turn around their semi-final result and will be looking to capitalise with goalies Kristen Allchurch and Donna Stewart having a great season, but RSMU defender Alex Roberts will make them work hard. RSMU will be just as motivated to make their way into the big game. Tegan Przibilla and Georgie Rowett, RSMU goalies, both had great games in the Semi and will work tirelessly to have their team ticking the scoreboard over. RMSU’s centre court will be leading the way with great feeding by Kath Greenslade and Kate Parkinson. Preliminary finals are a great experience for all, and both teams will leave no stone unturned in their quest to have a chance in the big one.

Blyth/Snowtown by 10


Match Between Blyth Snowtown v Min Man

The Min Man and Blyth Snowtown B2 teams had one win each when meeting during the minor rounds. Min Man's Gabbie Scobie has had a great season and her accurate shooting will be hard for BS to stop. Cats GA Charlotte Jacka and Min Man’s GD Kerry Hadley will have a tight tussle all game. The accuracy of Blyth Snowtown goalies Charlie Jacka and Nicola Ross and the pressure from the Min Man defence will be great to watch and the Cats will need to work hard in defence with Kayla Freebairn and Nadinne Wilkinson trying to stop the feeding from Min Man's speedy centre court. The pressure through centre court from Courtney Durkay and Georgia Gosse will be tough, especially with their strong feeding into the ring. Kristin Carling floating through the centre will be a player to watch. The winner may be who can hold their nerves best under pressure.

Blyth/Snowtown by 15


Match Between North Clare v BSR

North will be hungry for a win coming from two previous loses in the last two weeks. With BSR losing to North Clare in the first minor round, then winning against them in the second round, next week should make for a great game! BSR’s strong, experienced defenders Sarah Pilkington and Monique Robson continue to gel and strengthen their game play together. North will have all strength back on board and need Marie Mullighan and Lilli Smith to be on their game with accurate shooting. Norths defence have combined well and will need to turn the ball over for their centre court player Morgan Earle to drive it down to their attackers. The drive in the attack lines and accurate shooting from Amy Basham and Libby Cleary make BSR a formidable team to beat.

BSR by 5


Match Between Min Man v RSMU

In past meetings Min Man have come out on top. It will be a closely contested game. Min Man will have to defend well to stop the drive into the ring. Min Man’s height in the ring will be an advantage. Min Man will have to slow the drive through the Centre. RSMU have had consistence and strength through the mid court which will increase the challenge for Min Man. RSMU’S defence will need to be on top of their game to reach the rebounds from Min Mans height advantaged shooters. Positive feeding into the ring and accurate goal shooting will be the deciding factor for both teams.

RSMU by 5


Match Between Eudunda Robertstown v Min Man

A tight match up between Saint and Min Man both teams having successful seasons. Although the Saints have come out on top in both minor rounds, Min Man will be fired up with a chance to secure a Grand Final position. The pressure will be on with the final result coming down to whoever can control their own individual game and take home the win with confidence.

Eudunda/Robertstown by 2 in double overtime


Match Between BBH v Eudunda Robertstown

With BBH finishing second and beating Eudunda Robertstown in both their games this season, they come into the game as favourites. Both teams are coming into the prelim with the grand final in their sights, and it is sure to be a highly contested game of netball. BBH will be looking to bring the intensity they harnessed in the first quarter against South Clare and will need to apply great defensive pressure in the mid court to reduce the impact that Leni Geister has on the game. It will be a good contest between the Saints Jaz Williams at GD and Anna Schuppan as GA. The winner will be determined by who has the most composure but is also the hungriest for that grand final spot.

BBH by 1


Match Between South Clare v RSMU

After a solid loss in the Semi Final, South Clare will be determined to put on a better showing than they did against the very strong Min Man side. The RSMU side works well in goals and South Clare will need to defend well to have a chance. Even though RSMU haven’t secured a win against South Clare as yet – with the Demons winning on both occasions by 19 in Round Five, then by 11 in Round 12 – RSMU will be determined to give their all to meet minor premiers Min Man to fight for the premiership.

South by 10

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