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1st Semi Final Match Preview

Sunday 28th August at Spalding (Hosted by BSR)


Match Between South Clare v Min Man

With only two points separating the top four A1 teams, finals look promising for a display of high- quality intense netball with no teams’ place being secure. The minor rounds have seen both South Clare and Min Man have a win over each other which should set up for an exciting semi-final.

Min Man’s Leah Carling provides lots of drive through the mid court and will have to be contained by South’s Kristy Lewis and Taylah Wurfel. Both shooting circles have great experience with exceptional skill and accuracy in Eagles Jodie Allen and Demons Katie Liebelt. Cousins Chloe Cook and Aleisha Michael in the middle will also have a strong battle on the court. Both teams’ defensive combinations have proven their strength and ability to create many turnovers.

The last game between these two teams was a defender’s game and very low scoring. It was a great contest between Min Man’s GD Gracie Ross and South’s GA Katie Liebelt, who are likely to have another fierce contest coming up.

South’s height in their goal circle will be a challenge, Min Man will need to work hard to turn the ball over early and deny shooting opportunities. Min Man’s goalies will need to fight for front position and play smart against South’s very agile defenders.

MinMan by 2 in double over time.


Match Between RSMU v BSR

Both teams are going to have to play their best to progress to the Preliminary Final. BSR won the first game of the season by seven goals, but RSMU had a very convincing win in round two by 19 goals, but the Tigers were hit hard by the early injury Mollie Duffy suffered in that game and absence of Eliza Kitschke and Jessica Ashby who are key players for BSR with their direction and voice on court. Key match ups are going to be Rebecca Lockwood in GK for RSMU and Alicia Thomas GS for BSR. Hannah Connell RSMU and Mollie Duffy BSR in the midcourt will be another match up to watch. Both sides have youth, speed and experience and the win will come down to which team plays better defensively all over the court and accurate shooting on the day. Lucy Connell and Courtney Moller will have a good tussle in the goal circle. Whoever can dominate in their attack line will come on top. It’s anyone’s game!

BSR by 5


Match Between Min Man v RSMU

While the last time these two teams met, the Eagles came out with a very convincing win, the Hawks are not to be underestimated. Both teams have a great mix of young and experienced players which makes this match up a good one to watch. With the experience of a player such as Cathryn Greenslade on the Hawks side, after 450+ games, you can safely bet that she will know just what it takes to win an elimination final and no doubt will be a huge asset in grounding her team on the day. The Eagles on the other hand have two tall defenders in Karen Palmer and Olivia Hadley who will make it hard for RSMUs shooters to contest with rebounds. Through the Midcourt an even contest, a mix of fast but smart play with Nicole Blackwell from Min Man being a huge director – whether defending or attacking she will make her mark. If current form dictates the outcome of this game, then Min Man will be in the box seat to take it out. RSMU will be looking to young gun goalie Tegan Prizibilla to confidently take on Karen Palmer and keep the scoreboard turning over. Hannah Rigden (Min Man) GA was outstanding in the last encounter and Ashleigh Illman (RSMU) will work tirelessly to curb her influence. Both teams will be desperate to keep their season alive and will not give up until the final whistle. The first time these two met it resulted in a draw – should this contest be as tight as that one was, the question is - who has that extra fifth quarter in them to come through with the win?

MinMan by 1


Match Between Min Man v BSR

Min Man and BSR have challenged each other each time they have played, and this match will not be any different. They have been tough contests, however finishing fourth in the minor rounds BSR will be out for their first win against Min Man on Sunday. BSR will be hungry with their strong defence in the ring and that will make Min Man’s shooters move and work hard. The accuracy of the BSR goalies will also need to be on point to stay on top. The drive through the centre court will be evenly matched with both teams and the contest will be great to watch. Both teams will need to capitalise on turnovers to make it to the preliminary final. BSR defenders Emma Goss and Erin Cousins have been working tirelessly to provide opportunities for their goalies to capitalise on. Natasha Liddy has

been providing great drives through the centre and passing into the ring. The match up on Sunday will be between Min Man’s Kerry Hadley and BSR’s Holly Weckert in the goal ring with accurate shooting from Holly and Kerry’s experience it will certainly be a great game.

MinMan by 15


Match Between Eudunda Robertstown v BSR

Saints and BSR come into the elimination final one and one. But BSR who just scraped into the finals by beating North Clare, the second side, is looking strong for a grand final place. It will be a tough game of who can push through the full four quarters. Each game has seen the goalies be their key players, as Jodie Mosey and Tiarna Roocke worked well for the Saints under pressure to shoot accurately. However, BSR in the first-round game had great defensive pressure through the second half of the game - with Sarah Pilkington and Monique Robson causing turnovers in the circle. The Saint will need to play steady and work for every ball, to ensure their passing is efficient. Saints will need to increase their defensive pressure with their mid court to cause turnovers before BSR get the ball into their goal ring. This is when the final half of the elimination final we will see a lot of dedication and pressure from both teams across the courts. BSR have strong experienced defenders in Monique Robson and Sarah Pilkington who are gelling well. At the other end, accurate shooting from Amy Basham and Amy Trengove will make or break the game. Eudunda Robertstown with their incredibly accurate goalie Jodie Mosey is hard to beat, but with youth in the centre of the court BSR hopes to run away with the game.

Eudunda/Robertstown by 5


Match Between RSMU v North Clare

A tight matchup is predicted for the C2 RSMU Hawks and North Clare Roosters who will battle it out in the semi-final at Spalding. Both teams have proved equal competition with the first win going to RSMU 36 to North Clare’s 33. The second win however, going to North Clare 28 goals to RSMU’s 23. It’s impossible to predict Sunday’s outcome but RSMU will be looking to their midcourt player Amanda Vandeleur to manoeuvre around North Clare’s midcourt Hayley Reid to create positive and accurate feed into the ring. Ultimately the accuracy of both teams’ goalies, RSMU’s Georgia Eggart / Nicole Saunderson and North Clare’s Sophie Earle /Mikayla Mason could be the deciding factor on the result. Previously RSMU’s Amanda Vandeleur dominated the game until she was matched with Roosters Matilda Gwynn-Jones who steadied Amanda’s games play. North Clare’s Matilda Gwynn- Jones is one to watch in the mid court with her speed and ability to move around the court. North defenders, Lainey and Kasey Mullighan will defend hard to turn the ball over to move this down through the mid court into their goalies. It’s going to be a very exciting game between both teams as they fight there way through to the next.

RSMU by 2


Match Between Min Man v BSR

The last two times that Min Man have played BSR they have come home with convincing wins. Min Man have great strength in their goal ring, Indiana Mitchell and Charlie Ross will make the BSR defenders work hard to create turnovers. Min Man will need strong hands through the midcourt if they are wanting to bring the ball smoothly into their attack. BSR have worked hard to apply full court pressure each time, but Min Man have worked together to convert their time with the ball into goals. Finals are a different level of netball however, and the winning team will need to work hard no matter what. After just making it through to finals finishing fourth in the minor round BSR will be out on Sunday to get their first win. BSR is looking strong in the goal ring with accurate shooting from their shooters Jasmin Ross and Brooke Whitcombe in the lead up to finals. Lucy Trengove has been working hard for BSR in defence all season and will make it difficult for Min Man’s shooters on Sunday. Charlie Ross will no doubt be a very valuable player for Min Man trying to make it difficult for BSR’s attack line.

MinMan by 10


Match Between Min Man v Eudunda Robertstown

Coming off of one win each, it could be anyone’s game. Min Man will need to watch for Leni Geister through the midcourt as she always has eyes for the ball. A change to Min Man’s defence late in the season will mean that Eudunda Robertstown shooter’s will have to work hard to get in front. With tall defence from Eudunda Robertstown, the Min Man goalies will have to be accurate and go in with two hands for the rebounds. Min Man’s midcourt will have to work extra hard to stop the drives going into Eudunda Robertstown’s goal ring.

Eudunda/Robertstown by 3


Match Between RSMU v BBH

It’s been a great season so far for both RSMU and BBH J2 sides displaying excellent growth in skills and consistency across the season. These two teams first met in Round 1, with RSMU taking out a convincing win by 20 goals. However, when they met again in Round 8, the game was more even until three-quarter time, with RSMU pushing ahead in the final quarter to win by seven. Jemma Miller (RSMU) and Lily Hancock (BBH) will play pivotal roles for their teams, both providing excellent drive down to their attack lines. Whilst RSMU’s Tameka Saunderson will be working hard against BBH’s goalie. Kaidence Tippet to look for defensive opportunities for her team. BBH is going into the game with their full team, putting pressure on for all four quarters with Paige Blacksell and Jade Waters proving to be a strong combination in defence. Paige also provides strong leads down the court converting turnovers with Kaidance Tippet and Madison Blacksell in goals. Even though BBH haven’t secured a win against RSMU yet, this game will be tightly contested, with both teams showing strength throughout all positions across the court. RSMU’s strong versatile defence will be challenging, creating what should be a tightly fought out match.

RSMU by 2

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