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2023 NENA Dinner Awards

A huge well done to the executive and Eudunda/Robertstown Netball Club for a beautiful night. Not only were we joined by the inspirational, Kellie Finlayson, but were able to celebrate some of the best in our association. Check out the award winners below, and good luck to those fighting it in the grand final on Saturday!




Academy Reps

Greta Pratt (B/S), Zoe Pawelski (NC), Emma Slattery (SC), Katie Liebelt - Coach (SC)


State Reps

Jemma Kelly (BSR)


Country Champs Top 10

Bec Moyne (BSR)


C Grade Badged Umpires

Amelia Lalic (SC), Amie Smith (SC), Katie Liebelt (SC), Mia Parkinson (RSMU), Andrea Mosey (ER), Tania Williams (ER)


​J2 Runner Up

Gemma Gebhardt (BBH) & Lily Hancock (BBH)

Steinborner Clare

J2 Best and Fairest

Angela Aves (ER)

Steinborner Clare

J1 Runner Up

Sophie Weckert (BSR)

Steinborner Clare

J1 Best and Fairest

Leni Geister (ER)

Steinborner Clare

U15 Runner Up

Lara Meyer (BSR)

Steinborner Clare

U15 Best and Fairest

​Millie Bavistock (BBH) & Anna Schuppan (BBH)

Steinborner Clare

C2 Runner Up

Louise Schutz (ER)

Steinborner Clare

C2 Best and Fairest

Rochelle Saint (BBH)

Steinborner Clare

C1 Runner Up

Jessica Schutz (SC)

Steinborner Clare

C1 Best and Fairest

Jodie Mosey (ER)

Steinborner Clare

B2 Runner Up

Claire Schiller (ER)

Steinborner Clare

B2 Best and Fairest

Kristin Carling (BS)

Steinborner Clare

B1 Runner Up

Lydia Schwartz (MM)

Steinborner Clare

B1 Best and Fairest

Brooke Corfield (NC) & Renee Scott (NC)

Steinborner Clare

A2 Runner Up

Olivia Schiller (ER)

Clare Metal Fabrication

A2 Best and Fairest

​Nicole Blackwell (MM)

Clare Metal Fabrication

A1 Runner Up

Leah Carling (MM)

Steinborner Clare

A1 Best and Fairest

Anna-Grace Close (BSR)

Plains Producer

​Most Influential A1 Player

Anna-Grace Close (BSR)

Clare Financial Services

Team of the Year


Abby Griffiths

Jemma Kelly

Mackenzie Schoenberg

Mid Court

Rebecca Moyne

Leah Carling

Sarah Noack

Chelsea Panoho


Maggie Hentschke

Anna-Grace Close

Millie Heinjus

Plains Producer

Coach of the Year

Rebecca Moyne (BSR)

Plains Producer

​Umpire of the Year

Renae Sauer (ER)

Bruce Family

Most NENA Votes

Kristin Carling (BS) & Anna-Grace Close (BSR)

Mills Freight Lines

Volunteer of the Year

Anne Jones (BSR)

Marlene Goss

B Grade Umpires


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